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Paulo Costa Shopkins Collection

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This collector has a total of 156 Shopkins, and helped add 1 Collector Notes .

Paulo Costa Shopkins Collections consist of Shopkins from 6 Seasons, 29 Teams, 11 Finishes, and 6 Rarities.

Shopkins By Team

Paulo Costa's Shopkins Collections consist of 156 Shopkins from 6 Seasons, 29 Teams, 11 Finishes, and 6 Rarities.

This collection has 146 unique shopkins and 10 duplicate shopkins.

Shopkin Name Shopkin Team
Anna Pajamas PJ Party
Arty Party Hat Disco Party
Aspara-gus Fruit and Veg
Bagel Billy Bakery
Becky Birthday Cake Surprise Party
Berry Smoothie Sweet Treats
Bertha Bath Homewares
Bertha Bath Homewares
Betsy Buttercup Sweet Treats
Betty Bouquet Wedding Party
Beverley Heels Shoes
Big Topping x2 Petkins
Bitzy Biscuit Picnic Party
Blow-anne Homewares
Boneadette Petkins
Bree Birthday Cake Surprise Party
Brittney Brownie Bakery
Cam Corder Tech
Chap-elli Health & Beauty
Cheeky Cherries x2 Fruit and Veg
Chilli-anne Ice Cream Summer Pool Party
Chloe Clown Shoe Fancy Dress Party
Choc Kiss Sweet Treats
Chocky Box Sweet Treats
Chocky Croissant Sweet Treats
Cindy Bun Bakery
Claire Chair Homewares
Coco Nutty Exclusive
Comfy Chair Homewares
Cookie Nut Bakery
Cornell Mustard Pantry
Creamy Cookie Cupcake Bakery
Cupcake Chic Charms
Cuppa Cocoa Sweet Treats
Cute Fruit Jello Sweet Treats
D'lish Donut Charms
Dan Pancake PJ Party
Dennis Ball Petshop
Dennis Bat Sport
Diana Dress Princess Party
Doggy Bowl Petshop
Doggy Bowl x2 Petshop
Dolly Donut Bakery
Drinky Drink Petkins
Drinky Drink Petkins
Dum Mee Mee Charms
Edgar Eggcup Homewares
Fiona Fries International Food
Fish Flake Jake Petkins
Fizzy Soda PJ Party
Fluffy Slipper PJ Party
Flushes Homewares
Fran Pancake PJ Party
Freda Fern Garden
Gabby Gamer Tech
Gigi Gift Surprise Party
Grace Baseball Bat Sweet Treats
Gracie Birthday Cake Surprise Party
Groovy Glasses Disco Party
Handbag Harriet Accessories
Hillary Harp Music
Hillary Harp Music
Hot Apple Pie Exclusive
Jan Pancake PJ Party
Jen Jug Homewares
Jen Jug Homewares
Jiggly Jelly Sweet Treats
Jiggly Jelly Sweet Treats
Jilly Jam Roll Bakery
Jules Accessories
Jules x2 Accessories
Katie Skateboard Sport
Kris P Lettuce Fruit and Veg
Kylie Cone Exclusive
La'lotion Exclusive
Lana Banana Bread Bakery
Launa Mower Garden
Little Pet Collar Petshop
Little Pet Collar x2 Petshop
Lola Roller Blade Sport
Lola Roller Blade Sport
Lucy Juice Box Surprise Party
Mabel Syrup Petkins
Mallory Watermelon Punch Picnic Party
Margarina Exclusive
Marty Party Hat Party Time
Mary Wishes Party Time
Mel T Moment Bakery
Mel T Moment Bakery
Milk Bud Petkins
Milly Mushroom Fruit and Veg
Milly Mushroom Fruit and Veg
Milly Shake x2 Princess Party
Mintee Garden
Miss Pressy x3 Party Time
Mobile Mary Homewares
Molly Moccasin Shoes
Paige Purse Wedding Party
Pancake Jake Sweet Treats
Peachy Fruit and Veg
Pecanna Pie Bakery
Peely Potato Fruit and Veg
Penny Wishing Well Garden
Peta Plant Garden
Peta Plant Garden
Peta Planter Garden
Peta Plunger Cleaning & Laundry
Plucky Guitar Music
Polly Polish Charms
Prickles Garden
Pumpkinella Exclusive
Queen Of Tarts Bakery
Radio Sue Homewares
Rockin' Choc Sweet Treats
Rolly Roll Exclusive
Sally Scent Limited Edition
Sausage Sizzle International Food
Shady Hats
Sharon Shoe Accessories
Shy Pie Petkins
Shy Pie x2 Petkins
Skip And Flip Fairy Slippers Fancy Dress Party
Snorky Sport
Snug Ugg Shoes
Soda Exclusive
Strawberries And Cream Exclusive
Strawberry Kiss Charms
Sue Sundae Summer Pool Party
Suzie Sundae Sweet Treats
Tara Tiara Princess Party
Tasty Toast Sweet Treats
Tiny Tissues Homewares
Tiny Tree x2 Garden
Toastie Bread Bakery
Toasty Pop Homewares
Veronica Vase Homewares
Wally Water Exclusive
Walter Watering Can Garden
Wedding Shoe Sue Wedding Party
Wedgy Wendy Shoes
Wild Carrot Fruit and Veg
Wilma Wedge Shoes
Witchy Hat Fancy Dress Party
Wonda Wedding Cake Wedding Party
Woody Garden Chair Garden
Yo-chi Charms