Deanna Dyck

Deanna Dyck Shopkins Collection

Started tracking their Shopkins Collection online 4 years ago.

This collector has a total of 231 Shopkins,and helped add 88 Collector Notes .

Deanna Dyck Shopkins Collections consist of Shopkins from 9 Seasons,47 Teams,23 Finishes, and5 Rarities.

Shopkins By Team

Deanna Dyck's Shopkins Collections consist of 231 Shopkins from 9 Seasons,47 Teams,23 Finishes, and5 Rarities.

This collection has 217 unique shopkins and 14 duplicate shopkins.

Shopkin NameShopkin Team
Anna PajamasPJ Party
Babette BaguetteFrench Adventure
Bagel BillyBakery
Becky Birthday CakeSurprise Party
Bella MozzarellaFamily Food
Betsy ButtercupSweet Treats
Betsy ButtercupSweet Treats
Bettina BagItalian Tour
Betty BootShoes
Betty CassetteGlitzi Dancers Tribe
Bianca Boater HatItalian Tour
Big ToppingPetkins
Big Toppingx2Petkins
Blake Forest CakeGerman Jet Set
Bread CrumbsBakery
Bree Birthday CakeSurprise Party
Bree FreshnerExclusive
Bridgette BagdotFrench Adventure
Bridie BasilFamily Food
British BenBag Charms
Britney BagUK Holiday
Brittney BrownieBakery
Bun Bun SlipperShoes
C. SaltFamily Food
Cam CameraFashion
Candy AppleSweet Treats
Candy BowlPJ Party
Candy KissesHeart'n' Seekers Tribe
Cappella CupcakeDisco Party
Cara Carrot CakeBakery
Carrie CaseBag Charms
Casper CapHats
Caterina HatSpanish Stopover
Celina CrepeFrench Adventure
Chantel ShoeFrench Adventure
Charlotte ShadesSummer Pool Party
Charmin' ChocolatesHeart'n' Seekers Tribe
Chee ZeeDairy
Cheeky CherriesFruit and Veg
Cheeky ChocolateCharms
Cheeky ChocolateCharms
Chilli PeppaFamily Food
Chilli-anne Ice CreamSummer Pool Party
Chloe Clown ShoeFancy Dress Party
Choc E. TubsSweets
Chocky Croissantx2Sweet Treats
Choco LavaExclusive
Chris P CrackersPantry
Christy CandyDisco Party
Cindy BonExclusive
Cindy BunBakery
Claudia CakeSpanish Stopover
Claudia CakeSpanish Stopover
Comfy ChairHomewares
Connie ConsoleTech
Cookie NutBakery
Corny CobFruit and Veg
Cupcake ChicColor Change Cuties Tribe
Cutie CompactHeart'n' Seekers Tribe
Dan PancakePJ Party
Daniella DressSpanish Stopover
Dennis BatSport
Diana Dressx2Princess Party
Dippy AvocadoFruit and Veg
Dishy LiquidCleaning & Laundry
Doggy BowlPetshop
Dolly DonutBakery
Dum Mee MeeBaby
Edgar EggcupHomewares
Edgar EggcupHomewares
Elain-bow ShoeRainbow Dreamers Tribe
Ella Tower CakeFrench Adventure
Fifi FlourPantry
Fizzy SodaPJ Party
Floppy HatFashion
Fluffy SlipperPJ Party
Fran PancakePJ Party
Freda FernGarden
Freda FernGarden
Frenchy TowerBag Charms
Fun DrumMusic
Fun DrumMusic
Gabriella GrapeFrench Adventure
Garlic RoseFruit and Veg
Gigi GiftSurprise Party
Ginger FredSweet Treats
Gino GelatiItalian Tour
Goldie Fish BowlPetshop
Gracie Birthday CakeSurprise Party
Groovy GlassesDisco Party
Harley HeadphonesDisco Party
High Tea HelenUK Holiday
High Tea HelenUK Holiday
Humpty DumplingInternational Food
Ice Cream KateSweet Treats
Ice Cream QueenSweet Treats
Isabella Ice CreamSpanish Stopover
Jan PancakePJ Party
Jelly BExclusive
Jen JugHomewares
Jess JetBag Charms
Jilly JamPetkins
Jilly Jam RollBakery
Jodie Glow SticksDisco Party
June BalloonParty Time
Kay CupcakeUK Holiday
Kelly CalculatorStationery
Kookie CookieSweet'n'Squishy Tribe
Kris P LettuceFruit and Veg
Lars LederhosenGerman Jet Set
Launa MowerGarden
Launa Mowerx2Garden
Lena TowerBag Charms
Lidia LoungeSummer Pool Party
Lil' BlazeSurprise Party
Lil' GlobeBag Charms
Linda Layered CakeBakery
Lippy LipsCharms
Lizzy Lace-upShoes
Lucy Juice BoxSurprise Party
Luigi LasagnaItalian Tour
Macca RoonSweet Treats
Maddie MaskFancy Dress Party
Majestic HeelsUK Holiday
Mallory Watermelon PunchPicnic Party
Mandy MandarineExclusive
Mandy MousseSweet Treats
Marabel Music PlayerGlitzi Dancers Tribe
Maria MopedItalian Tour
Marty Party HatExclusive
Mary WishesExclusive
Melon MinutesGlazed Fruit Tribe
Mia Mirror BallDisco Party
Mike RophoneMusic
Mike RophoneMusic
Milly MushroomFruit and Veg
Milly Shakex2Princess Party
Minnie MintieExclusive
Miss Pressyx2Party Time
Miss PressyParty Time
Miss TwistSweet Treats
Molly MopsCleaning & Laundry
Nappy DeeBaby
Nikki Mixie DeskDisco Party
Nilla SliceBakery
Nina NoodleFamily Food
Ollie Orange CakeBakery
Ollie Orange CakeBakery
Pamela CameraGlitzi Dancers Tribe
Pappa Pizza BaseFamily Food
Pauline PaletteFrench Adventure
Pee Wee KiwiFruit and Veg
Peta PlantGarden
Peta Planterx2Garden
Peta PlanterGarden
Peta PlungerCleaning & Laundry
Plucky GuitarMusic
Polly PolishGlamour Gems Tribe
Polly Pop RingSummer Pool Party
Polly Teapotx2Homewares
Popcorn KingPrincess Party
Pops Bubble BlowerDisco Party
Potty TeapotUK Holiday
Princess Pursex3Princess Party
Princess ScentPrincess Party
Queen Of TartsBakery
Queenie CakePrincess Party
Royal CupcakeBakery
Sadie SoccerballSport
Sammy SpeakerTech
Sarah Fairy CakeFancy Dress Party
Sarah SoftnerCleaning & Laundry
Sasha BeltAccessories
Scarlette ScoopsSummer Pool Party
Senorita ShoeSpanish Stopover
Sharon ShoeAccessories
Sneaky SueExclusive
Snoozy Sleeping Bagx4PJ Party
Snug UggShoes
Sparky & FlickerSurprise Party
Spencer SpongeUK Holiday
Sprinkle Lee CakeSweet Treats
Squeaky CleanCleaning & Laundry
Squeeky Speakerx2Disco Party
Sue SundaeSummer Pool Party
Suzie SushiInternational Food
Sweet ScentExclusive
Sweet ScentFashion
Taco TerrieInternational Food
Tara TiaraPrincess Party
Tasty ToastSweet Treats
Tess Von DressGerman Jet Set
Tiny TreeGarden
Toastie BreadBakery
Tocky Cuckoo ClockGerman Jet Set
ToofsHealth & Beauty
Veronica VaseHomewares
Veronica VaseHomewares
Vicky VacHomewares
Waffer TopsSummer Pool Party
Waffle SueSweet Treats
Wild CarrotFruit and Veg
Winnie Window BoxGarden
Winnie Window BoxGarden
Woody Garden ChairGarden
Woody Garden ChairGarden
Yo ChiFrozen Flakes Tribe
Yvonne SconeUK Holiday