Deanna Dyck

Deanna Dyck Shopkins Collection

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This collector has a total of 231 Shopkins, and helped add 88 Collector Notes .

Deanna Dyck Shopkins Collections consist of Shopkins from 9 Seasons, 47 Teams, 23 Finishes, and 5 Rarities.

Shopkins By Team

Deanna Dyck's Shopkins Collections consist of 231 Shopkins from 9 Seasons, 47 Teams, 23 Finishes, and 5 Rarities.

This collection has 217 unique shopkins and 14 duplicate shopkins.

Shopkin Name Shopkin Team
Anna Pajamas PJ Party
Babette Baguette French Adventure
Bagel Billy Bakery
Becky Birthday Cake Surprise Party
Bella Mozzarella Family Food
Betsy Buttercup Sweet Treats
Betsy Buttercup Sweet Treats
Bettina Bag Italian Tour
Betty Boot Shoes
Betty Cassette Glitzi Dancers Tribe
Bianca Boater Hat Italian Tour
Big Topping Petkins
Big Topping x2 Petkins
Blake Forest Cake German Jet Set
Boneadette Petkins
Bread Crumbs Bakery
Bree Birthday Cake Surprise Party
Bree Freshner Exclusive
Bridgette Bagdot French Adventure
Bridie Basil Family Food
Brimmy Hats
British Ben Bag Charms
Britney Bag UK Holiday
Brittney Brownie Bakery
Bun Bun Slipper Shoes
C. Salt Family Food
Cam Camera Fashion
Candy Apple Sweet Treats
Candy Bowl PJ Party
Candy Kisses Heart'n' Seekers Tribe
Cappella Cupcake Disco Party
Cara Carrot Cake Bakery
Carrie Case Bag Charms
Casper Cap Hats
Caterina Hat Spanish Stopover
Celina Crepe French Adventure
Chantel Shoe French Adventure
Charlotte Shades Summer Pool Party
Charmin' Chocolates Heart'n' Seekers Tribe
Chee Zee Dairy
Cheeky Cherries Fruit and Veg
Cheeky Chocolate Charms
Cheeky Chocolate Charms
Chilli Peppa Family Food
Chilli-anne Ice Cream Summer Pool Party
Chloe Clown Shoe Fancy Dress Party
Choc E. Tubs Sweets
Chocky Croissant x2 Sweet Treats
Choco Lava Exclusive
Chris P Crackers Pantry
Christy Candy Disco Party
Cindy Bon Exclusive
Cindy Bun Bakery
Claudia Cake Spanish Stopover
Claudia Cake Spanish Stopover
Comfy Chair Homewares
Connie Console Tech
Cookie Nut Bakery
Corny Cob Fruit and Veg
Cupcake Chic Color Change Cuties Tribe
Cutie Compact Heart'n' Seekers Tribe
Dan Pancake PJ Party
Daniella Dress Spanish Stopover
Dennis Bat Sport
Diana Dress x2 Princess Party
Dippy Avocado Fruit and Veg
Dishy Liquid Cleaning & Laundry
Doggy Bowl Petshop
Dolly Donut Bakery
Dressica Exclusive
Dum Mee Mee Baby
Edgar Eggcup Homewares
Edgar Eggcup Homewares
Elain-bow Shoe Rainbow Dreamers Tribe
Ella Tower Cake French Adventure
Fifi Flour Pantry
Fizzy Soda PJ Party
Floppy Hat Fashion
Fluffy Slipper PJ Party
Fran Pancake PJ Party
Freda Fern Garden
Freda Fern Garden
Frenchy Tower Bag Charms
Fun Drum Music
Fun Drum Music
Gabriella Grape French Adventure
Garlic Rose Fruit and Veg
Gigi Gift Surprise Party
Ginger Fred Sweet Treats
Gino Gelati Italian Tour
Goldie Fish Bowl Petshop
Gracie Birthday Cake Surprise Party
Groovy Glasses Disco Party
Harley Headphones Disco Party
High Tea Helen UK Holiday
High Tea Helen UK Holiday
Humpty Dumpling International Food
Ice Cream Kate Sweet Treats
Ice Cream Queen Sweet Treats
Isabella Ice Cream Spanish Stopover
Jan Pancake PJ Party
Jelly B Exclusive
Jen Jug Homewares
Jess Jet Bag Charms
Jilly Jam Petkins
Jilly Jam Roll Bakery
Jodie Glow Sticks Disco Party
Jules Accessories
June Balloon Party Time
Kay Cupcake UK Holiday
Kelly Calculator Stationery
Kookie Cookie Sweet'n'Squishy Tribe
Kris P Lettuce Fruit and Veg
Lars Lederhosen German Jet Set
Launa Mower Garden
Launa Mower x2 Garden
Lena Tower Bag Charms
Lidia Lounge Summer Pool Party
Lil' Blaze Surprise Party
Lil' Globe Bag Charms
Linda Layered Cake Bakery
Lippy Lips Charms
Lizzy Lace-up Shoes
Lucy Juice Box Surprise Party
Luigi Lasagna Italian Tour
Macca Roon Sweet Treats
Maddie Mask Fancy Dress Party
Majestic Heels UK Holiday
Mallory Watermelon Punch Picnic Party
Mandy Mandarine Exclusive
Mandy Mousse Sweet Treats
Marabel Music Player Glitzi Dancers Tribe
Maria Moped Italian Tour
Marty Party Hat Exclusive
Mary Wishes Exclusive
Melon Minutes Glazed Fruit Tribe
Mia Mirror Ball Disco Party
Mike Rophone Music
Mike Rophone Music
Milly Mushroom Fruit and Veg
Milly Shake x2 Princess Party
Minnie Mintie Exclusive
Miss Pressy x2 Party Time
Miss Pressy Party Time
Miss Twist Sweet Treats
Molly Mops Cleaning & Laundry
Nappy Dee Baby
Nikki Mixie Desk Disco Party
Nilla Slice Bakery
Nina Noodle Family Food
Ollie Orange Cake Bakery
Ollie Orange Cake Bakery
Pamela Camera Glitzi Dancers Tribe
Pappa Pizza Base Family Food
Pauline Palette French Adventure
Pee Wee Kiwi Fruit and Veg
Peta Plant Garden
Peta Planter x2 Garden
Peta Planter Garden
Peta Plunger Cleaning & Laundry
Plucky Guitar Music
Polly Polish Glamour Gems Tribe
Polly Pop Ring Summer Pool Party
Polly Teapot x2 Homewares
Popcorn King Princess Party
Pops Bubble Blower Disco Party
Potty Teapot UK Holiday
Prickles Garden
Princess Purse x3 Princess Party
Princess Scent Princess Party
Pup-e-house Petshop
Queen Of Tarts Bakery
Queenie Cake Princess Party
Royal Cupcake Bakery
Sadie Soccerball Sport
Sammy Speaker Tech
Sarah Fairy Cake Fancy Dress Party
Sarah Softner Cleaning & Laundry
Sasha Belt Accessories
Scarlette Scoops Summer Pool Party
Senorita Shoe Spanish Stopover
Sharon Shoe Accessories
Sneaky Sue Exclusive
Snippy Stationery
Snoozy Sleeping Bag x4 PJ Party
Snorky Sport
Snorky Sport
Snug Ugg Shoes
Sparky & Flicker Surprise Party
Spencer Sponge UK Holiday
Sprinkle Lee Cake Sweet Treats
Squeaky Clean Cleaning & Laundry
Squeeky Speaker x2 Disco Party
Sue Sundae Summer Pool Party
Suzie Sushi International Food
Sweet Scent Exclusive
Sweet Scent Fashion
Taco Terrie International Food
Tara Tiara Princess Party
Tasty Toast Sweet Treats
Tess Von Dress German Jet Set
Tiny Tree Garden
Toastie Bread Bakery
Tocky Cuckoo Clock German Jet Set
Toofs Health & Beauty
Veronica Vase Homewares
Veronica Vase Homewares
Vicky Vac Homewares
Waffer Tops Summer Pool Party
Waffle Sue Sweet Treats
Wild Carrot Fruit and Veg
Winnie Window Box Garden
Winnie Window Box Garden
Woody Garden Chair Garden
Woody Garden Chair Garden
Yo Chi Frozen Flakes Tribe
Yvonne Scone UK Holiday