Johnathan Archuleta

Johnathan Archuleta Shopkins Collection

Started tracking their Shopkins Collection online 8 months ago.

This collector has a total of 284 Shopkins, and helped add 25 Collector Notes .

Johnathan Archuleta Shopkins Collections consist of Shopkins from 9 Seasons, 50 Teams, 21 Finishes, and 5 Rarities.

Shopkins By Team

Johnathan Archuleta's Shopkins Collections consist of 284 Shopkins from 9 Seasons, 50 Teams, 21 Finishes, and 5 Rarities.

This collection has 243 unique shopkins and 41 duplicate shopkins.

Shopkin Name Shopkin Team
Anna Pajamas PJ Party
Apple Blossom Fruit and Veg
Apple Blossom Charms
April Apricot Fruit and Veg
Aspara-gus Fruit and Veg
Bagel Billy Bakery
Bailey Baseball Glove Sport
Barb B Que Garden
Becky Birthday Cake Surprise Party
Berry Smoothie Sweet Treats
Bertha Bath x2 Homewares
Bessy Baseball Sport
Bethany Broccoli x2 Family Food
Betsy Buttercup Sweet Treats
Betsy Buttercup x2 Sweet Treats
Bettina Bag x2 Italian Tour
Bianca Boater Hat x2 Italian Tour
Birthday Betty x2 Exclusive
Blake Forest Cake x2 German Jet Set
Blow-anne Homewares
Blushy Brush Exclusive
Bolly Bangles Into India
Bondi Bathing Box Special Edition Bag Charms
Boneadette x3 Petkins
Boni Bonsai Japanese Journey
Brittney Brownie Bakery
Bubbles Sweet Treats
Bubblicious Exclusive
Bun Bun Slipper Exclusive
Button Mushroom Family Food
C. Salt Family Food
Candice Candle Heart'n' Seekers Tribe
Candy Cookie Bakery
Cara Carrot Cake Bakery
Carlo Coffee Pot x2 Italian Tour
Carmel Topping x2 Sweets
Casper Cap Hats
Cassie Lassi Into India
Cassie Lassi Into India
Caterina Hat x2 Spanish Stopover
Chatter Homewares
Chatter Homewares
Chee Zee Dairy
Cheeky Chocolate Charms
Cheeky Chocolate Charms
Cherie Tomatoe Fruit and Veg
Cherry Cake Exclusive
Cherry-anne Sweets
Chilli Peppa Family Food
Choc Chips Sweets
Choc E. Tubs Sweets
Choc N' Chip Sweets
Chocky Croissant x2 Sweet Treats
Chocky Croissant x2 Sweet Treats
Christy Candy Disco Party
Cinnamon Sally Bakery
Coco Cupcake Exclusive
Comfy Cushion Petkins
Connie Console Tech
Creamy Bun-bun Exclusive
Cupcake Chic Charms
D'lish Donut Charms
Daisy Donut Exclusive
Danica Dress Chinese Travelers
Dennis Ball Petshop
Diana Dress Princess Party
Dolly Donut Bakery
Drinky Drink x2 Petkins
Duffa Fashion
Dum Mee Mee Charms
Eggchic Petkins
Elain-bow Shoe Rainbow Dreamers Tribe
Ella Tower Cake x2 French Adventure
Fairy Crumbs Exclusive
Fleur Flour Bakery
Flippy Exclusive
Floppy Exclusive
Fluffy Buffy Shoes Flocked'n'Fluffy Tribe
Fran Pancake PJ Party
Freda Fern Garden
Freda Fern Garden
Freezy Bites Sweets
Frilly Tutu Exclusive
Frosty Shaved Ice Exclusive
Gabriella Grape x2 French Adventure
Gale Scales Homewares
Gale Scales Homewares
Gigi Gift Surprise Party
Ginger Fred Sweet Treats
Ginger Fred Exclusive
Gino Gelati x2 Italian Tour
Grace Baseball Bat x2 Sport
Grace Baseball Bat Sweet Treats
Hans Accordion x2 Garden
Hattie Hat Hats
Heidi Hibiscus Exclusive
Herb L. Teabag Breakfast
Hillary Harp x2 Music
Howard Powerboard Tech
Hula Hips Exclusive
Ice Cream Dream Frozen Food
Ice Cream Kate Sweet Treats
Icy-bowl Exclusive
Jade Spade Petkins
Jan Pancake PJ Party
Jane Frame Homewares
Jane Frame Homewares
Jelly B Exclusive
Jen Jug x2 Homewares
Jiggly Jelly Exclusive
Jilly Jam Roll Bakery
June Balloon Party Time
Kaila Keyboard Glitzi Dancers Tribe
Kane Sugar Breakfast
Karen Carrot Bakery
Katie Skateboard Sport
Kooky Cookie x2 Charms
Lars Lederhosen x2 German Jet Set
Lemona & Lime Glazed Fruit Tribe
Linda Layered Cake Bakery
Lippo Exclusive
Lippy Lips Health & Beauty
Lippy Lips x2 Glamour Gems Tribe
Lisa Litter Homewares
Little Choc Bottle Sweets
Lola Gondola x2 Italian Tour
Lotta Balloons Surprise Party
Lovely Hearts Teapot Heart'n' Seekers Tribe
Lucky Fortune Cookie Chinese Travelers
Luigi Lasagna x2 Italian Tour
Lynn Lamp Homewares
Maddie Mask Fancy Dress Party
Mallory Watermelon Punch Picnic Party
Mandy Mousse Sweet Treats
Mandy Mousse Sweet Treats
Maria Moped x2 Italian Tour
Martha Choc Chip Muffin Sweet'n'Squishy Tribe
Marty Party Hat Party Time
Mary Wishes Exclusive
Mary Wishes Party Time
Max Saxophone x2 Music
Mei Sundae Chinese Travelers
Melissa Milk Bakery
Mike Rophone Music
Miki Milkshake Japanese Journey
Milk Bud Petkins
Mindy Mirror Exclusive
Mintee Exclusive
Miss Pressy Exclusive
Miss Sprinkles Sweets
Missy Makeup Case Glitzi Dancers Tribe
Nick Fruit Stick Glazed Fruit Tribe
Nutty Butter Exclusive
Olive Oil Breakfast
Pancake Jake Sweet Treats
Party Plate Party Time
Pauline Palette x2 French Adventure
Peggy-sushi Exclusive
Penny Wishing Well Garden
Peppa Ronnie Pizza x2 Italian Tour
Peta Plant x4 Garden
Peta Planter Garden
Pheobe Fork Garden
Piano Man Exclusive
Pineapple Crush Fruit and Veg
Pippa Popcorn Exclusive
Plucky Guitar Music
Polly Parsley Breakfast
Polly Piano x2 Music
Polly Piano Music
Polly Polish Charms
Polly Teapot Homewares
Poppy Corn Sweet Treats
Prickles Garden
Primrose Pancakes Heart'n' Seekers Tribe
Pup-e-house Petshop
Queen Of Tarts Bakery
Riley Rice Chinese Travelers
Rita Remote Petkins
Rockin' Choc Sweet Treats
Royal Cupcake Bakery
Sadie Soccerball Sport
Sakura Cake Japanese Journey
Sammy Speaker Tech
Sausage Sizzle International Food
Sconnie International Food
Scuba Aussie Adventures
Senorita Shoe x2 Spanish Stopover
Shady Hats
Shoes-anne Shoes
Snippy Stationery
Snoozy Sleeping Bag x2 PJ Party
Snorky x2 Sport
Snorky Sport
Soda Exclusive
Sonia Sun Hat Exclusive
Sparky & Flicker Surprise Party
Spilt Milk Charms
Splashy Beach Ball Summer Pool Party
Spongy Cake Exclusive
Sprinkle Lee Cake Sweet Treats
Squeaky Clean Cleaning & Laundry
Stella Stapler Stationery
Strawberries And Cream Exclusive
Strawberry Kiss Fruit and Veg
Strawberry Kiss Charms
Strawberry Top Breakfast
Sushanne Exclusive
Sweet Corn Family Food
Swiss Miss Dairy
Taco Terrie International Food
Tammy Tambourine Music
Tammy Tv Homewares
Tasty Toast Sweet Treats
Taylor Rayne Hats
Teary Onion Family Food
Teena Catfood Petshop
Teeni 1 Exclusive
Tess Von Dress x2 Garden
Tiara Fast Food
Timmy Tomato Paste Family Food
Ting Teapot Chinese Travelers
Ting Teapot Chinese Travelers
Tiny Fashion
Tiny 2 Exclusive
Tiny Tissues Homewares
Tiny Tops Cake Color Change Cuties Tribe
Tiny Tree Garden
Tippy And Toes Exclusive
Toast T. Warm Breakfast
Tocky Cuckoo Clock x2 German Jet Set
Toni Topper Hats
Tutucute Fashion
Veronica Vase Homewares
Viola Lyn Italian Tour
Walter Watering Can Garden
Wild Carrot Fruit and Veg
Will Barrow Garden
Winnie Window Box x2 Garden
Woody Garden Chair Garden
Yo-chi Charms
Yoko Kimono Japanese Journey
Zippy Lime Bag Glazed Fruit Tribe