The Golden Hedgehog

The Golden Hedgehog Shopkins Collection

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This collector has a total of 129 Shopkins, and helped add 64 Collector Notes .

The Golden Hedgehog Shopkins Collections consist of Shopkins from 9 Seasons, 31 Teams, 12 Finishes, and 5 Rarities.

Shopkins By Team

The Golden Hedgehog's Shopkins Collections consist of 129 Shopkins from 9 Seasons, 31 Teams, 12 Finishes, and 5 Rarities.

This collection has 113 unique shopkins and 16 duplicate shopkins.

Shopkin Name Shopkin Team
Alice Fruit Salad Summer Pool Party
Arturo Sombrero Mexico Amigos
Babette Baguette French Adventure
Bailey Baseball Glove Sport
Bailey Baseball Glove Sport
Bertha Bath x3 Homewares
Bessy Baseball Sport
Betsy Butter Bakery
Birthday Betty Bakery
Block Ice Cube Breakfast
Brenda Blenda Homewares
Brittney Brownie Bakery
C. Salt Family Food
Cafe Cruz Brazilian Break
Cam Camera Exclusive
Carlo Coffee Pot Italian Tour
Carlo Coffee Pot Italian Tour
Carrie Backpack Exclusive
Carrie Carrot Cake Bakery
Casper Cap Hats
Cassie Caster Sugar Bakery
Celina Crepe French Adventure
Charlie Cheese Breakfast
Chatter Homewares
Choc E. Tubs x2 Sweets
Chocky Croissant Sweet Treats
Chocky Croissant x2 Sweet Treats
Claire Chair x2 Homewares
Corny Cob Fruit and Veg
Cupcake Princess Bakery
Dennis Bat Sport
Dolly Donut Bakery
Dolores Dress Mexico Amigos
Dum Mee Mee Charms
Fasta Pasta Party Time
Fifi Flour Pantry
Fleur Flour Bakery
Freda Fern Garden
Freezy Peazy Frozen Food
Fun Drum x2 Music
Fun Drum Music
Gabby Gamer Tech
Gabby Gamer x2 Tech
Gabriella Grape French Adventure
Gilberto Guitar Spanish Stopover
Grace Baseball Bat Sport
Grace Baseball Bat Sweet Treats
Herb L. Teabag x2 Breakfast
Hillary Harp Music
Howard Powerboard Tech
Humpty Dumpling International Food
Jane Frame x3 Homewares
Jennifer Rayne Shoes
Jilly Jam Roll Bakery
Karen Carrot Bakery
Katie Skateboard x2 Sport
Katie Skateboard x2 Sport
Kay Cupcake UK Holiday
Kimberly Cap Exclusive
Kooky Cookie Charms
Launa Mower Garden
Lil'smores American Vacay
Lippy Lips Charms
Lizzy Lace-up Shoes
Lotta Balloons Surprise Party
Lotta Bottle Exclusive
Lynn Lamp Homewares
Majestic Heels UK Holiday
Mary Muffin Bakery
Max Saxophone Music
Max Saxophone Music
Mel T Moment Bakery
Melissa Milk Bakery
Miss Sprinkles Sweets
Mixie & Maxie Homewares
Penelope Pleats Exclusive
Penny Wishing Well x3 Garden
Peppa Ronnie Pizza Italian Tour
Peta Sneaker Exclusive
Piano Man Exclusive
Pippa Lemon Breakfast
Polly Parsley x2 Breakfast
Polly Piano x2 Music
Polly Polish Charms
Polly Teapot Homewares
Prommy Charms
Ring-a-ling Exclusive
Rockin' Choc Sweet Treats
Royal Cupcake Bakery
Runny Honey Breakfast
Sadie Soccerball Sport
Sam Soy Family Food
Sammy Speaker Tech
Sloppy Jojo American Vacay
Small-fry Pan Breakfast
Smarty Phone Exclusive
Snippy Stationery
Snorky Sport
Strawberry Kiss Fruit and Veg
Strawberry Kiss Charms
Suds Health & Beauty
Sweet Corn Family Food
Sweet Pea Fruit and Veg
Tammy Tambourine Music
Tasty Toast Sweet Treats
Tiara Exclusive
Tiny Tissues Homewares
Tocky Cuckoo Clock German Jet Set
Toni Timer Exclusive
Tracey Makeup Case Exclusive
Vicki Vanilla Bakery
Walter Watering Can Garden
Wilma Wedge Shoes