Sarah Clayton

Sarah Clayton Shopkins Collection

Started tracking their Shopkins Collection online 3 years ago.

This collector has a total of 297 Shopkins,and helped add 10 Collector Notes .

Sarah Clayton Shopkins Collections consist of Shopkins from 11 Seasons,51 Teams,18 Finishes, and5 Rarities.

Shopkins By Team

Sarah Clayton's Shopkins Collections consist of 297 Shopkins from 11 Seasons,51 Teams,18 Finishes, and5 Rarities.

This collection has 270 unique shopkins and 27 duplicate shopkins.

Shopkin NameShopkin Team
Anna Canada HeelsCanadian Cuties
Apple PieFast Food
Apple Pie SliceBakery
B. Nana SplitSweets
Baby PuffBaby
Bailey Baseball GloveSport
Barb B QueGarden
Bart BeansPantry
Betsy ButterBakery
Beverly HillsExclusive
Big ToppingPetkins
Big ToppingPetkins
Birthday BettyBakery
Blushy BrushExclusive
Bobby GogglesExclusive
Bonnie BeretHats
Bonnie BeretHats
Bread CrumbsBakery
Bread CrumbsBakery
Bree FreshnerCleaning & Laundry
Brenda BlendaHomewares
Brittney BrownieBakery
Brittney BrownieBakery
Bun Bun SlipperShoes
Burt HousePetkins
Button Mushroomx2Family Food
Cafe CruzBrazilian Break
Cake PopCupcake
Cam CameraExclusive
Candy AppleSweet Treats
Candy BowlPJ Party
Casper CapHats
Casper CapExclusive
Casper CapExclusive
Caterina HatSpanish Stopover
Chap-elliHealth & Beauty
CheddarFast Food
Cheeky CherriesFruit and Veg
Cheeky CherriesFruit and Veg
Cheery ChurroSweet Treats
Cherie TomatoeExclusive
Cherie TomatoeFruit and Veg
Chloe Clown ShoeFancy Dress Party
Chloe Clown ShoeFancy Dress Party
Chloe FlowerFruit and Veg
Choc E. Tubsx2Sweets
Choc N' ChipSweets
Chocky BoxExclusive
Choco LavaBakery
Chris P Crackersx2Pantry
Chucho Chilli SauceMexico Amigos
Claire ChairHomewares
Comfy Chairx2Homewares
CorniellaMexico Amigos
Creamy Bun-bunExclusive
Creamy Cookie Cupcakex2Bakery
Croissant D'orx2International Food
Cupcake ChicCharms
Cuppa CocoaSweet Treats
Cuppa CocoaSweet Treats
Cute BootShoes
Daisy DonutExclusive
Dennis BallPetshop
Dennis BatSport
Dishy LiquidCleaning & Laundry
Earring Twinsx2Petkins
Earring TwinsPetkins
Edgar EggcupHomewares
Edgar EggcupHomewares
Elle Cakex2Into India
Fancy FascinatorFashion
Fifi FlourPantry
Fifi Fruit TartBakery
Fish Flake JakePetkins
Flappy CapExclusive
Flappy Capx2Hats
Flutter CakeFast Food
Freezy PeazyFrozen Food
Frost T FridgeHomewares
Gigi GiftSurprise Party
Ginger FredSweet Treats
Ginger FredExclusive
Gino GelatiItalian Tour
Grace Baseball BatSweet Treats
Hattie HatHats
Herb L. TeabagBreakfast
Hillary Harpx2Music
Hillary HarpMusic
Hot ChoccoCupcake
Humpty DumplingExclusive
Humpty DumplingInternational Food
Ice Cream KateSweet Treats
Ice Cream QueenSweet Treats
Iris Icing SugarBakery
Isadora Ice CreamBrazilian Break
Jasmine RiceFamily Food
Jellie BeanExclusive
Jelly SnakeExclusive
Jen Jugx3Homewares
Jiggly JellySweet Treats
Jiggly JellyExclusive
Jilly JamPetkins
Jilly Jam RollBakery
Jilly Jam RollBakery
Joanie DonutAmerican Vacay
Karen CarrotBakery
Kelly CalculatorStationery
Kiki Coconutx2Brazilian Break
Kris P LettuceExclusive
Kylie ConeExclusive
Lammy LamingtonInternational Food
Lana Banana BreadBakery
Lana Banana BreadExclusive
Launa MowerGarden
Le'quoriceSweet Treats
Lil'smoresx2American Vacay
Linda Layered CakeBakery
Linda Layered Cakex2Bakery
Lippy LipsHealth & Beauty
Little Pet CollarPetshop
Little TeapotCupcake
Lola GondolaItalian Tour
Lola LollipopExclusive
Lotta BalloonsSurprise Party
Ma KettleHomewares
Mabel SyrupPetkins
Macca RoonFast Food
Macca RoonSweet Treats
Macca RoonSweet Treats
Madeline MuffinBreakfast
Mallory Watermelon PunchPicnic Party
Mandy CandyExclusive
Marshmallow TwirlExclusive
Marty Party Hatx2Party Time
Mary MeringueBakery
Mary-kin CapAmerican Vacay
Max SaxophoneMusic
Mel T MomentBakery
Meltin MuffinCupcake
Mike RophoneMusic
Milk BudPetkins
Milk BudPetkins
Minnie MintieSweet Treats
Miss PressyExclusive
Mixie & MaxieHomewares
Molly MoccasinShoes
Mr. MuffinCupcake
Nappy DeeBaby
Netti SpaghettiInternational Food
Nilla SliceBakery
Noni NotebookStationery
Pancake JakeSweet Treats
Pancake JakeSweet Treats
Parmesan PeteFamily Food
Party PopperGleamtastic Holidays
Patty PamCupcake
Pauline PaletteFrench Adventure
PeachyFruit and Veg
Pecanna PieBakery
Pecanna PieBakery
Pee Wee KiwiFruit and Veg
Peely PotatoFruit and Veg
Penny Wishing WellGarden
Peta Plantx2Garden
Peta PlanterGarden
Pheobe ForkGarden
Polly PolishCharms
Polly PolishHealth & Beauty
Polly TeapotHomewares
Polly TeapotHomewares
PoprockSweet Treats
PoprockSweet Treats
Pretty Cake StandCupcake
Pup E BrushPetshop
Queen Of TartsBakery
Quilty BootExclusive
Rainbow BiteParty Food
Raylene RainbowExclusive
Rolly RollExclusive
Rowena Ring BoxGlamour Gems Tribe
Royal Cupcakex2Bakery
Sadie Soccerballx2Sport
Sadie SoccerballSport
Sadie SodaFast Food
Sam Soyx2Family Food
Sarah Fairy CakeFancy Dress Party
Sarah SoftnerCleaning & Laundry
SconnieInternational Food
Scoopy TwoCool and Creamy
Secret SallyStationery
Shanghai ShoeChinese Travelers
Silly ChilliFruit and Veg
Sneaky Sallyx2Shoes
Sneaky SallyExclusive
Sneaky WedgeExclusive
Snug UggExclusive
Snug UggShoes
Sonny SunscreenSummer Pool Party
Spencer SpongeUK Holiday
Spilt MilkDairy
Sprinkle Lee CakeSweet Treats
Sprinkle Lee CakeSweet Treats
StrawbabyThe Berrisons
Sumo Snow IceJapanese Journey
Super CeleryFruit and Veg
Suzie Sundaex2Sweet Treats
Suzie SushiInternational Food
Sweet Cornx2Family Food
Sweet PeaFruit and Veg
Sweet SnacksAmerican Vacay
Swiss Rollx2Cupcake
Taco TerrieInternational Food
Taco TerrieInternational Food
Tara TiaraPrincess Party
Tasty ToastSweet Treats
Tasty ToastSweet Treats
Teary OnionFamily Food
Teenie TvExclusive
Tia Ice Cream TacoMexico Amigos
Tiny TissuesHomewares
Tiny TreeGarden
Toast T. WarmBreakfast
Toastie BreadExclusive
Toasty PopHomewares
Toni TimerExclusive
Toni Topperx2Hats
Toni TopperHats
Toni TopperExclusive
Tutu CuteExclusive
Veronica VaseHomewares
Veronica Veggie PizzaFamily Food
Vicki VanillaBakery
Vicky VacExclusive
Vicky VacHomewares
Walter Watering CanGarden
Walter Watering CanGarden
Wanda WaferSweet Treats
Wanda WaferExclusive
Wanda WaferSweet Treats
Wendy Wedding CakeBakery
Will BarrowGarden
Wise FryFast Food
WishesFast Food