Robert Ashley

Robert Ashley Shopkins Collection

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This collector has a total of 28 Shopkins,and helped add 5 Collector Notes .

Robert Ashley Shopkins Collections consist of Shopkins from 3 Seasons,12 Teams,4 Finishes, and5 Rarities.

Shopkins By Team

Robert Ashley's Shopkins Collections consist of 28 Shopkins from 3 Seasons,12 Teams,4 Finishes, and5 Rarities.

This collection has 27 unique shopkins and 1 duplicate shopkins.

Shopkin NameShopkin Team
Cake PopCupcake
Candy Applex2Sweet Treats
Candy AppleExclusive
Chee ZeeDairy
Chris P CrackersPantry
Fairy CrumbsParty Food
Frank FurterParty Food
Garlic RoseFruit and Veg
Ice Cream DreamFrozen Food
Lippy LipsHealth & Beauty
Mary MuffinBakery
Melonie PipsFruit and Veg
Miss TwistSweet Treats
Olivia OilPantry
Pamela PancakeSweet Treats
PeachyFruit and Veg
Popsi CoolFrozen Food
Rainbow BiteParty Food
Rockin' BrocFruit and Veg
Sally ShakesPantry
Squeaky CleanCleaning & Laundry
Wendy Wedding CakeBakery
WishesParty Food
Yo-chiFrozen Food