Nikki Hicks

Nikki Hicks Shopkins Collection

Started tracking their Shopkins Collection online 2 years ago.

This collector has a total of 108 Shopkins,and helped add 11 Collector Notes .

Nikki Hicks Shopkins Collections consist of Shopkins from 6 Seasons,28 Teams,15 Finishes, and5 Rarities.

Shopkins By Team

Nikki Hicks's Shopkins Collections consist of 108 Shopkins from 6 Seasons,28 Teams,15 Finishes, and5 Rarities.

This collection has 108 unique shopkins and 0 duplicate shopkins.

Shopkin NameShopkin Team
Asbury RaspberryFruit and Veg
Banana SplittyExclusive
Bethany BroccoliFamily Food
Big ToppingPetkins
Boo-hoo OnionFruit and Veg
Bread HeadBakery
Buncho BananasBreakfast
Cake PopCupcake
Candy KissesHeart'n' Seekers Tribe
Carmel ToppingSweets
Cassie Caster SugarBakery
Charlie CheeseBreakfast
Chee ZeeDairy
Cheeky CherriesFruit and Veg
Cheese LouiseBakery
Cheezey BParty Food
Cherie TomatoeExclusive
Chilli PeppaFamily Food
Choc ChipsSweets
Choc Mint CharlieExclusive
Choc N' ChipSweets
Cinnamon SallyBakery
Corny CobFruit and Veg
Crispy ChipParty Food
D'lish DonutSweet'n'Squishy Tribe
Dippy AvocadoFruit and Veg
Dippy DonutExclusive
Drinky DrinkPetkins
Edgar EggcupHomewares
Fairy CrumbsParty Food
Fifi FlourPantry
Fifi Fruit TartBakery
Fleur FlourBakery
Fran Fruit HatGlazed Fruit Tribe
Frank FurterParty Food
Freda FrostingBakery
Freddy Fried RiceFamily Food
FrogurtCool and Creamy
Garlic RoseFruit and Veg
GhurtyDairy Wrappers Tribe
Ginger FredSweet Treats
Handbag HarrietAccessories
Handbag HarrietAccessories
Herb L. TeabagBreakfast
Honey HeartsHeart'n' Seekers Tribe
Iris Icing SugarBakery
Jasmine RiceFamily Food
Juicy OrangeFruit and Veg
Juicy OrangeFruit and Veg
Kane SugarBreakfast
Karen CarrotBakery
Kooky CookieBakery
Lemona & LimeGlazed Fruit Tribe
Little Bow BellaGlitzi Dancers Tribe
Little Choc BottleSweets
Little Pet CollarPetshop
Lola LollipopExclusive
Lolli PoppinsSweet Treats
Mabel SyrupPetkins
Madeline MuffinBreakfast
Marshmallow TwirlExclusive
Melissa MilkBakery
Miss SprinklesSweets
Mitzy Oven MittColor Change Cuties Tribe
Mixie & MaxieHomewares
Natalie NoodlesFamily Food
Nice-cream SandwichExclusive
Nick Fruit StickGlazed Fruit Tribe
Nilla SliceBakery
Nina NoodleFamily Food
Pappa Pizza BaseFamily Food
Patsy PastaFamily Food
Petite PetalsGlitzi Dancers Tribe
Pippa LemonBreakfast
Pippa PopcornExclusive
Primrose PancakesHeart'n' Seekers Tribe
Runny HoneyBreakfast
Sasha BeltAccessories
Sausage SizzleInternational Food
Small-fry PanBreakfast
Spilt MilkDairy
Strawberry KissFruit and Veg
Strawberry TopBreakfast
SudsHealth & Beauty
Susie SausageBreakfast
Sweet CornFamily Food
Sweets HoneySweets
Taco TerrieInternational Food
Taylor RayneHats
Teary OnionFamily Food
Timmy Tomato PasteFamily Food
Toast T. WarmBreakfast
Tubby ButterPetkins
V. Nilla TubsBreakfast
Veronica Veggie PizzaFamily Food
Vicki VanillaBakery
Wanda WaferSweet Treats
Wilbur Whipped CreamSweets
WobblesParty Food
Wynter Water BottleFrozen Flakes Tribe