Chloe Cat

Chloe Cat Shopkins Collection

Started tracking their Shopkins Collection online 3 years ago.

This collector has a total of 65 Shopkins, and helped add 42 Collector Notes .

Chloe Cat Shopkins Collections consist of Shopkins from 6 Seasons, 18 Teams, 9 Finishes, and 6 Rarities.

Shopkins By Team

Chloe Cat's Shopkins Collections consist of 65 Shopkins from 6 Seasons, 18 Teams, 9 Finishes, and 6 Rarities.

This collection has 51 unique shopkins and 14 duplicate shopkins.

Shopkin Name Shopkin Team
Asbury Raspberry Fruit and Veg
Bailey Baseball Glove Sport
Bessy Baseball Sport
Bling Unicorn Ring Shimmery Unicorns Tribe
Blow-anne Homewares
Cam Corder Tech
Claire Chair Homewares
Comfy Chair Homewares
Cupcake Chic Charms
Cupcake Queen x9 Limited Edition
D'lish Donut Charms
Doggy Bowl Petshop
Earring Twins Petkins
Edgar Eggcup Homewares
Ella Tower Cake French Adventure
Eunice Unicorn Dress x2 Shimmery Unicorns Tribe
Flushes Homewares
Freda Fern Garden
Frost T Fridge Homewares
Gabriella Grape French Adventure
Grace Baseball Bat Sweet Treats
Hillary Harp Music
Jane Frame Homewares
Katie Skateboard Sport
Kooky Cookie Charms
Linda Layered Cake Bakery
Lynn Lamp x2 Homewares
Marty Party Hat Party Time
Melon Minutes Glazed Fruit Tribe
Mike Rophone x2 Music
Nilla Slice Exclusive
Penny Wishing Well Garden
Peta Plant Garden
Plucky Guitar Music
Prommy Charms
Radio Sue Homewares
Rainbow Glow Shimmery Unicorns Tribe
Rainbow Scent Shimmery Unicorns Tribe
Red Velvet Cupcake Exclusive
Sadie Soccerball Sport
Spilt Milk Charms
Starry Unicorn Heels Shimmery Unicorns Tribe
Strawberry Kiss Charms
Teenie Tv Homewares
Toastie Bread Bakery
Toni Topper x2 Hats
Veronica Vase Homewares
Walter Watering Can Garden
Winnie Window Box Garden
Woody Garden Chair Garden
Woody Garden Chair x3 Garden