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Jessica Zapata Shopkins Collection

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This collector has a total of 665 Shopkins,and helped add 44 Collector Notes .

Jessica Zapata Shopkins Collections consist of Shopkins from 11 Seasons,63 Teams,21 Finishes, and5 Rarities.

Shopkins By Team

Jessica Zapata's Shopkins Collections consist of 665 Shopkins from 11 Seasons,63 Teams,21 Finishes, and5 Rarities.

This collection has 474 unique shopkins and 191 duplicate shopkins.

Shopkin NameShopkin Team
Adam Applex2Bakery
Alice Fruit Saladx2Summer Pool Party
Anna Canada HeelsCanadian Cuties
Anna Pajamasx2PJ Party
Anna Pajamasx3PJ Party
Apple BlossomCharms
Apple BlossomFruit and Veg
Apple BlossomFruit and Veg
Apple PieFast Food
Apple Pie Slicex2Bakery
April Apricotx2Fruit and Veg
Arturo SombreroMexico Amigos
Arturo SombreroMexico Amigos
Asbury RaspberryFruit and Veg
Asbury Raspberryx2Fruit and Veg
B. Nana SplitSweets
Babette BaguetteFrench Adventure
Bagel BillyBakery
Barb B QueGarden
Becky BackpackExclusive
Becky Birthday Cakex2Surprise Party
Becky Birthday Cakex4Surprise Party
Bella Mozzarellax2Family Food
Berry SmoothieSweet Treats
Berry Sweet PancakesBreakfast
Berry Tubsx2Sweets
Bertha Bathx2Homewares
Bessy Baseballx3Sport
Bethany Broccolix2Family Food
Betsy ButterBakery
Betsy ButtercupSweet Treats
Bettina Bagx2Italian Tour
Betty Bouquetx3Wedding Party
Beverley HeelsShoes
Beverley HeelsShoes
Bianca Boater Hatx2Italian Tour
Bianca Boater HatItalian Tour
Big Sis SammyThe Breadshaws
Big Toppingx2Petkins
Birthday BettyExclusive
Birthday BettyBakery
Blake Forest Cakex3German Jet Set
Block Ice CubeBreakfast
Bobby Bubble GumExclusive
Bobby GogglesExclusive
Boni BonsaiJapanese Journey
Bonita BasketMexico Amigos
Bonnie Beretx2Hats
Bonnie BeretHats
Bread CrumbsBakery
Bree Birthday Cakex2Surprise Party
Bree Birthday Cakex2Surprise Party
Bridgette BagdotFrench Adventure
British Benx2Bag Charms
Bubble CupcakeExclusive
Bun Bun SlipperShoes
Buncho BananasBreakfast
Button Mushroomx3Family Food
C. Saltx2Family Food
Cafe CruzBrazilian Break
Cafe CruzBrazilian Break
Cam CorderTech
Candy AppleSweet Treats
Candy Bowlx4PJ Party
Candy BowlPJ Party
Candy CookieFast Food
Canuck CocoaCanadian Cuties
Carlo Coffee Potx2Italian Tour
Carrie Carrot CakeBakery
Casper CapHats
Casper CapHats
Cassie Caster Sugarx3Bakery
Cassie LassiInto India
Caterina Hatx3Spanish Stopover
Charlie Cheesex4Breakfast
Charlotte ShadesSummer Pool Party
Cheeky CherriesExclusive
Cheeky CherriesFruit and Veg
Cheery ChurroExclusive
Cheese LouiseBakery
Cheese LouiseBakery
Cherie Tomatoex2Fruit and Veg
Chilli PeppaFamily Food
Chloe Clown Shoex2Fancy Dress Party
Choc BudsSweets
Choc Chipsx4Sweets
Choc E. Tubsx3Sweets
Choc N' Chipx2Sweets
Chocky CroissantSweet Treats
Cindy BonExclusive
Claire ChairHomewares
Cookie NutBakery
CorniellaMexico Amigos
Cream E CookieSweet Treats
Creamy Biscuitx2Picnic Party
Creamy Cookie CupcakeBakery
Creamy Cookie Cupcakex2Bakery
Croissant D'orInternational Food
Cuddles Snow BootExclusive
Cupcake ChicBakery
Cupcake Chicx2Charms
Cupcake PrincessBakery
Cuppa CocoaSweet Treats
Cute BootShoes
Cute Fruit Jellox2Sweet Treats
Cutie CrustThe Breadshaws
D'lish DonutCharms
Dan Pancakex4PJ Party
Dan PancakePJ Party
Daniella DressSpanish Stopover
Dennis BallPetshop
Dennis BatSport
Dennis BatSport
Diana Dressx4Princess Party
Diana DressPrincess Party
Doggy BowlPetshop
Dolly DonutBakery
Dolly DonutBakery
Dolly DonutBakery
Dolores DressMexico Amigos
Dolores DressMexico Amigos
Drinky DrinkPetkins
Dum Mee MeeBaby
Edgar EggcupHomewares
Edgar EggcupExclusive
Ella Tower Cakex2French Adventure
Fancy FascinatorFashion
Fiona Fairy SkirtFancy Dress Party
Fiona FriesInternational Food
Fiona FriesExclusive
Fish Flake JakePetkins
Fish Flake JakePetkins
Fizzy FireworksGleamtastic Holidays
Fizzy Sodax2PJ Party
Fizzy Sodax2PJ Party
Flava AvaDairy
Fleur Flourx2Bakery
Floppy HatExclusive
Fluffy SlipperPJ Party
Fluffy Slipperx3PJ Party
Fluffy SouffleFrench Adventure
Flutter CakeFast Food
Fran PancakePJ Party
Freda FernGarden
Freda FernGarden
Freda FrostingBakery
Freezy Bitesx2Sweets
FrogurtCool and Creamy
Frost T FridgeHomewares
FudgeyCool and Creamy
Fun DrumMusic
Gabriella Grapex2French Adventure
Gale ScalesHomewares
Gene Le'creamThe O'clairs
Gigi GiftSurprise Party
Gigi Giftx2Surprise Party
Ginger FredSweet Treats
Gino Gelatix2Italian Tour
Grace Baseball Batx2Sweet Treats
Gracie Birthday Cakex2Surprise Party
Gracie Birthday CakeSurprise Party
Gran GrapefruitThe Juicewells
Greta SweaterExclusive
Hans Accordionx3Garden
Hattie HatHats
Helen HelmetExclusive
Herb L. TeabagBreakfast
Hillary Harpx2Music
Hillary HarpMusic
Howard Powerboardx2Tech
Humpty DumplingInternational Food
Humpty DumplingInternational Food
Ice Cream DreamFrozen Food
Ice Cream KateSweet Treats
Ice Cream KateSweet Treats
Ice Cream QueenSweet Treats
Iris Icing Sugarx2Bakery
Isadora Ice CreamBrazilian Break
Jade SpadePetkins
Jan Pancakex2PJ Party
Jan PancakePJ Party
Jane FrameHomewares
Jane FrameHomewares
Jasmine Ricex4Family Food
Jeanie Beaniex2Exclusive
Jelly BExclusive
Jelly BExclusive
Jelly SnakeExclusive
Jenni Jelly SliceAussie Adventures
Jennifer RayneShoes
Jiggly JellyExclusive
Jiggly JellySweet Treats
Jiggly JellySweet Treats
Jilly JamPetkins
Jilly Jam RollBakery
June BalloonParty Time
Kane Sugarx2Breakfast
Karen CarrotBakery
Katie SkateboardSport
Kelly CalculatorStationery
Khia BoardMusic
Kiki CoconutBrazilian Break
Kiki CoconutBrazilian Break
Kingsley CrownUK Holiday
Kitty CatbedPetshop
Kris P LettuceExclusive
Kris P SprinklesSweet Snacks
Lana Banana BreadBakery
Lana Banana BreadBakery
Lana Lanternx2Wedding Party
Lars Lederhosenx2German Jet Set
LeafyCleaning & Laundry
Lidia Loungex2Summer Pool Party
Lil' BlazeSurprise Party
Lil' BlazeSurprise Party
Lil' GlobeBag Charms
Lil' SudsThe Washingtons
Lil' Wedding DressWedding Party
Lil'smoresAmerican Vacay
Linda Layered CakeBakery
Little Choc Bottlex2Sweets
Little Pet CollarPetshop
Lizzy Lace-upShoes
Lizzy Laptopx2Tech
Lola Gondolax3Italian Tour
Lola LollipopExclusive
Lola Roller BladeSport
Lola Roller BladeSport
Lotta Balloonsx2Surprise Party
Lotta Balloonsx3Surprise Party
Lucky Fortune CookieChinese Travelers
Lucy Juice Boxx2Surprise Party
Lucy Juice Boxx2Surprise Party
Luigi Lasagnax2Italian Tour
Lynn Lampx2Homewares
Lynn LampHomewares
Ma CrumbsThe Crackertons
Mabel SyrupPetkins
Macca RoonSweet Treats
Macca RoonExclusive
Mackenzie Maple DonutCanadian Cuties
Maddie Maskx2Fancy Dress Party
Maddie MaskFancy Dress Party
Madeline Muffinx3Breakfast
Mallory Watermelon Punchx2Picnic Party
Mallory Watermelon PunchPicnic Party
Mandy MandarineExclusive
Mandy MousseSweet Treats
Mandy MousseSweet Treats
Maria Mopedx3Italian Tour
Marty Party HatParty Time
Mary Lou BluePantry
Mary-kin CapAmerican Vacay
Max SaxophoneMusic
Max SaxophoneMusic
Mei SundaeChinese Travelers
Mel T Momentx2Bakery
Mel T Momentx2Bakery
Mel UmbrellaSummer Pool Party
Melissa Milkx4Bakery
Mike RophoneMusic
Milk BudPetkins
Milk BudExclusive
Milly MushroomFruit and Veg
Milly Shakex3Princess Party
Milly Shakex3Princess Party
Mindy MirrorExclusive
Minnie MintieExclusive
Miss PressyParty Time
Miss Sprinklesx2Sweets
Miss TwistSweet Treats
Mixie & MaxieHomewares
Mobile MaryHomewares
Molly MittenExclusive
Molly MoccasinShoes
Mr. MuffinCupcake
Nellie Nutri GrainSweet Snacks
Nilla SliceBakery
Nilla SliceExclusive
Nilla SliceBakery
Nina NoodleFamily Food
Olive Oilx2Breakfast
Ollie Orange CakeBakery
Onion RingFast Food
Pamela PancakeExclusive
Pancake JakeSweet Treats
Pappa Pizza Basex2Family Food
Parmesan Petex2Family Food
Party PopperGleamtastic Holidays
Patsy Pastax2Family Food
Patty CakeExclusive
Patty CakeBakery
Patty PamCupcake
Pauline Palettex3French Adventure
PeachyFruit and Veg
Pecanna PieBakery
Pee Wee KiwiFruit and Veg
Pee Wee Kiwix2Fruit and Veg
Penny PurseExclusive
Penny Wishing Wellx2Garden
Penny Wishing Wellx2Garden
Peppa Ronnie Pizzax2Italian Tour
Peta PlantExclusive
Peta PlantGarden
Phillippa Flowersx3Picnic Party
Phillippa Flowersx3Picnic Party
Piano ManExclusive
Pippa Lemonx5Breakfast
Polly Parsleyx2Breakfast
Polly PianoMusic
Polly PolishCharms
Polly Pop Ringx3Summer Pool Party
Polly Teapotx2Homewares
Polly Teapotx2Homewares
Popcorn KingPrincess Party
Popcorn KingPrincess Party
Poppa PretzelGerman Jet Set
Poppa Pretzelx2German Jet Set
PoprockSweet Treats
Popsi CoolFrozen Food
PopsicleCool and Creamy
Popsy PalsSavory Snacks
Pretty Petal PurseJapanese Journey
Primrose Petal CakePicnic Party
Princess PursePrincess Party
Princess Pursex2Princess Party
Princess Scentx3Princess Party
Princess ScentPrincess Party
Pup E BrushPetshop
Queenie Cakex3Princess Party
Queenie CakePrincess Party
Quilty BootExclusive
Rainbow BiteExclusive
Richie N Smoothie PuddingDessert
Rockin' ChocSweet Treats
Rockin' ChocSweet Treats
Rocky Hockey StickCanadian Cuties
Rolla'kateAmerican Vacay
Rolly DonutExclusive
Roma Tomatox3Family Food
Ros Berryx2Breakfast
Royal CupcakeBakery
Runny Honeyx3Breakfast
Sadie SodaFast Food
Sam Soyx3Family Food
Sami ScramblesBreakfast
Sammy SpeakerTech
Samson SandwichThe Breadshaws
Sara Skech-airShoes
Sarah Fairy Cakex2Fancy Dress Party
Sarah Fairy Cakex3Fancy Dress Party
Sasha Beltx2Accessories
Scarlette Scoopsx2Summer Pool Party
SconnieInternational Food
Scoopy OneCool and Creamy
Secret SallyStationery
Senorita ShoeSpanish Stopover
ShakyFast Food
Shanghai ShoeChinese Travelers
Shania Ice Cream Sandwichx2Canadian Cuties
Sharon ShoeAccessories
Shelly Eggx4Bakery
Shoes RoyalePrincess Party
Shy PiePetkins
Silvio Soccer BallBrazilian Break
Sloppy JojoAmerican Vacay
Small-fry PanBreakfast
Sneaky SallyShoes
Snoozy Sleeping BagPJ Party
Snoozy Sleeping BagPJ Party
Snuggles Snow Bootx2Exclusive
Sparky & FlickerSurprise Party
Spilt MilkCharms
Spilt MilkCharms
Sprinkle Lee CakeSweet Treats
Sprinkle Lee CakeSweet Treats
Squeeky SpeakerDisco Party
Stella StaplerStationery
Strawberry KissFruit and Veg
Strawberry KissCharms
Strawberry Topx3Breakfast
Sue SundaeSummer Pool Party
Super CeleryFruit and Veg
Suzie Sushix2International Food
Sweet CornFamily Food
Sweet ScentFashion
Sweet SnacksAmerican Vacay
Sweets Honeyx2Sweets
Swiss RollCupcake
Taco Terriex2International Food
Tammy TambourineMusic
Tara Tiarax3Princess Party
Tara TiaraPrincess Party
Tasty ToastSweet Treats
Tasty ToastSweet Treats
Tayler TeeAmerican Vacay
Teary Onionx2Family Food
Teenie Tvx2Homewares
Tess Von Dressx2Garden
Tia Ice Cream TacoMexico Amigos
Timmy T. ShirtThe Washingtons
Timmy Tomato Pastex2Family Food
Ting TeapotChinese Travelers
Tiny TissuesHomewares
Tiny TreeGarden
Toast T. WarmBreakfast
Toastie BreadBakery
Tocky Cuckoo Clockx2German Jet Set
Toni TopperExclusive
Toni TopperHats
Twirly SpaghettiFamily Food
Uncle Otis OatmealThe Cookietons
V. Nilla Tubsx4Breakfast
Veronica Vasex2Homewares
Veronica Veggie PizzaFamily Food
Vicki Vanillax3Bakery
Vicky VacHomewares
Viola Lynx2Italian Tour
Walter Watering CanGarden
Wanda Waferx3Sweet Treats
Wanda WaferSweets
Waverley CupcakeAussie Adventures
Wedding Shoe Suex2Wedding Party
Wendy Wedding CakeBakery
Wendy Wedding Cakex3Bakery
Wilbur Whipped CreamSweets
Wild CarrotFruit and Veg
Will BarrowGarden
Willy WaferThe Cookietons
Wilma WedgeShoes
Winnie Window BoxGarden
Winnie Window BoxGarden
Winona Wafflesx2Breakfast
Wise FryFast Food
Witchy HatFancy Dress Party
Witchy Hatx2Fancy Dress Party
Wonda Wedding Cakex2Wedding Party
Woody Garden ChairGarden
Wooly HatExclusive
Wooly HatExclusive
Wynola WingsFancy Dress Party
Wynola Wingsx2Fancy Dress Party
Yoko KimonoJapanese Journey
Yumi ParfaitJapanese Journey
Zen TempleSpecial Edition Bag Charms