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Juliana Pinter Shopkins Collection

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This collector has a total of 278 Shopkins,and helped add 46 Collector Notes .

Juliana Pinter Shopkins Collections consist of Shopkins from 9 Seasons,27 Teams,10 Finishes, and5 Rarities.

Shopkins By Team

Juliana Pinter's Shopkins Collections consist of 278 Shopkins from 9 Seasons,27 Teams,10 Finishes, and5 Rarities.

This collection has 164 unique shopkins and 114 duplicate shopkins.

Shopkin NameShopkin Team
Amanda Grape JellyPantry
Apple Pie Slicex2Bakery
B. Nana SplitSweets
Barb B QueGarden
Barbie Breakfast MuffinBreakfast
Bella Mozzarellax5Family Food
Berry Sweet Pancakesx2Breakfast
Bethany Broccolix6Family Food
Betsy ButterBakery
Big ToppingPetkins
Block Ice Cubex3Breakfast
Bread CrumbsBakery
Bridie BasilFamily Food
Buncho Bananasx2Breakfast
Butterscotch Buddiesx2Dessert
Button Mushroomx2Family Food
C. Saltx5Family Food
Candi CottonExclusive
Candy KissesExclusive
Carmel Toppingx5Sweets
Cassie Caster Sugarx2Bakery
Charlie Cheesex4Breakfast
Cheeky CherriesFruit and Veg
Cheeky CherriesExclusive
Cheeky ChocolateExclusive
Cheery ChurroExclusive
Cheez ItSavory Snacks
Chilli PeppaFamily Food
Choc Chipsx3Sweets
Choc E. Tubsx5Sweets
Choc KissExclusive
Choc N' Chipx2Sweets
Chocky BoxExclusive
Chocky BoxExclusive
Chocky Croissantx6Sweet Treats
Chocky CroissantSweet Treats
Cinnamon SallyBakery
Claire Chairx2Homewares
Comfy ChairHomewares
Cornelia PopcornSavory Snacks
Cupcake ChicFast Food
Cupcake PrincessBakery
Cute Fruit Jellox2Sweet Treats
Dinky DrinkExclusive
Drinky DrinkPetkins
Dusty Cocoax2Bakery
Earring TwinsExclusive
Fleur Flourx3Bakery
Floppy HatExclusive
Floppy SandalAussie Adventures
Flutter CakeExclusive
Freda Fernx2Garden
Freda Frostingx2Bakery
Frost T FridgeHomewares
Frosted FlakesBreakfast
Fun DrumMusic
Fun Drumx3Music
Grace Baseball BatSweet Treats
Hattie HatExclusive
Herb L. Teabagx3Breakfast
Ice Cream KateSweet Treats
Iris Icing Sugarx3Bakery
Jane Framex2Homewares
Jasmine Ricex3Family Food
Jiggly JellySweet Treats
Jiggly JellyExclusive
Jilly Jamx2Petkins
Jilly Jam RollBakery
Jilly Jam RollBakery
Jp Pop TartSweet Snacks
Julie BeanExclusive
Kane Sugarx3Breakfast
Karen Carrotx3Bakery
Katie Skateboardx2Sport
Khia BoardMusic
Kris P LettuceExclusive
Kris P LettuceFruit and Veg
Krispy Treat TwinsSweet Snacks
Launa Mowerx2Garden
Launa MowerGarden
Lil' Wedding DressWedding Party
Lynn LampHomewares
Lynn Lampx2Homewares
Madeline MuffinBreakfast
Mandy MandarineExclusive
Marshmallow TwirlExclusive
Mary WishesParty Time
Mary WishesParty Time
Mel T MomentBakery
Melissa Milkx5Bakery
Meltin MuffinExclusive
Milly MushroomFruit and Veg
Milly MushroomExclusive
Miss PressyExclusive
Miss PressyParty Time
Miss PressyParty Time
Miss PressyExclusive
Miss Sprinklesx2Sweets
Miss TwistExclusive
Molly MoccasinShoes
Nina Noodlex2Family Food
Olive Oilx2Breakfast
Parmesan Petex2Family Food
Patsy PastaFamily Food
Peely PotatoFruit and Veg
Peely PotatoFruit and Veg
Penny Wishing Wellx2Garden
Peta PlantGarden
Peta PlanterGarden
Peta Pot PieDinner
Pippa Lemonx5Breakfast
Polly Parsleyx2Breakfast
Polly PianoMusic
Polly PianoMusic
Polly TeapotHomewares
Popsy PalsSavory Snacks
Quinn Grape Juicex2Drinks
Roma Tomatox3Family Food
Royal Cupcakex2Bakery
Royal Cupcakex2Bakery
Runny Honeyx3Breakfast
Sam Soyx2Family Food
Sami ScramblesBreakfast
Sasha BeltAccessories
Sharon ShoeExclusive
Shoes RoyalePrincess Party
Sloppy JoePantry
Sour Cream PringleSavory Snacks
Spilt MilkCharms
Sprinkle Lee Cakex2Sweet Treats
Strawberry Topx4Breakfast
Sweet Cornx4Family Food
Sweets Honeyx2Sweets
Tasty ToastSweet Treats
Tasty ToastSweet Treats
Teary Onionx2Family Food
Timmy Tomato Pastex4Family Food
Tiny TissuesHomewares
Tiny Treex2Garden
Toast T. Warmx5Breakfast
Toastie BreadBakery
V. Nilla Tubsx3Breakfast
Vicki Vanillax2Bakery
Walter Watering CanGarden
Wanda WaferSweets
Wanda WaferExclusive
Wilbur Whipped Creamx3Sweets
Wilma WedgeExclusive
Wilma WedgeShoes
Winnie Window BoxGarden
Winona Wafflesx4Breakfast
Wooly HatExclusive
Yummy Gummi RingExclusive