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This collector has a total of 94 Shopkins, and helped add 2 Collector Notes .

kaylee , Shopkins Collections consist of Shopkins from 9 Seasons, 31 Teams, 9 Finishes, and 5 Rarities.

Shopkins By Team

kaylee ,'s Shopkins Collections consist of 94 Shopkins from 9 Seasons, 31 Teams, 9 Finishes, and 5 Rarities.

This collection has 88 unique shopkins and 6 duplicate shopkins.

Shopkin Name Shopkin Team
Apple Blossom Fruit and Veg
Babette Baguette French Adventure
Bagel Billy Bakery
Bailey Baseball Glove Sport
Banana Splitty Sweet Treats
Barb B Que Garden
Berry Smoothie Sweet Treats
Bethany Broccoli Family Food
Beverley Heels Shoes
Blake Forest Cake German Jet Set
Boneadette Petkins
Bread Head Bakery
Candi Cotton Sweet Treats
Candi Cotton Sweet Treats
Candy Apple Sweet Treats
Carmel Topping x2 Sweets
Cassie Caster Sugar Bakery
Chantel Shoe French Adventure
Chatter Homewares
Chee Zee Dairy
Cheeky Chocolate Charms
Cheese Louise Exclusive
Cherie Tomatoe Fruit and Veg
Choc Kiss Sweet Treats
Choc N' Chip Sweets
Choco Lava Bakery
Cinnamon Sally Bakery
Claudia Cake Spanish Stopover
Cuppa Cocoa Sweet Treats
Curly Shoes
Dennis Ball Petshop
Dishy Liquid Cleaning & Laundry
Drinky Drink Petkins
Ella Tower Cake French Adventure
Fifi Flour Pantry
Fiona Fries International Food
Flippy Exclusive
Floppy Exclusive
Frank Furter x2 Party Food
Freda Fern Garden
Freezy Peazy Frozen Food
Frosty Shaved Ice Exclusive
Ghurty x3 Dairy
Ghurty Cleaning & Laundry
Gran Jam Exclusive
Heidi Hibiscus Exclusive
Honeeey Pantry
Ice Cream Kate Sweet Treats
Jelly B Exclusive
Kane Sugar x2 Breakfast
Kay Cupcake UK Holiday
Khia Board Music
Lotta Balloons Surprise Party
Mabel Syrup Petkins
Macca Roon Exclusive
Mandy Mousse Sweet Treats
Marty Party Hat Party Time
Mini Muffin Bakery
Miss Sprinkles Sweets
Ollie Orange Cake Bakery
Pamela Pancake Exclusive
Patty Cake Bakery
Peachy Fruit and Veg
Peta Sneaker Exclusive
Pineapple Crush Fruit and Veg
Pineapple Sips Exclusive
Poppa Pretzel German Jet Set
Pretz-elle x2 Party Food
Prickles Garden
Prommy Shoes
Roma Tomato Family Food
Royal Cupcake Bakery
Sally Shakes Pantry
Sam Soy Family Food
Sconnie International Food
Shady Hats
Sharon Shoe Accessories
Silly Chili Exclusive
Sippa Party Food
Sneaker Exclusive
Soda Pops Party Food
Sonia Sun Hat Exclusive
Sparky & Flicker Surprise Party
Suds Health & Beauty
Suzie Sushi International Food
Sweets Honey Sweets
Swiss Miss Dairy
Tara Tiara Princess Party