Lola Clark

Lola Clark Shopkins Collection

Started tracking their Shopkins Collection online 2 months ago.

This collector has a total of 25 Shopkins,and helped add 4 Collector Notes .

Lola Clark Shopkins Collections consist of Shopkins from 6 Seasons,16 Teams,4 Finishes, and5 Rarities.

Shopkins By Team

Lola Clark's Shopkins Collections consist of 25 Shopkins from 6 Seasons,16 Teams,4 Finishes, and5 Rarities.

This collection has 25 unique shopkins and 0 duplicate shopkins.

Shopkin NameShopkin Team
Bailey Baseball GloveSport
Cheeky CherriesFruit and Veg
Claire ChairHomewares
Dennis BatSport
Hattie HatHats
Humpty DumplingInternational Food
Jennifer RayneShoes
Katie SkateboardSport
Katie SkateboardSport
Launa MowerGarden
Lucy Juice BoxSurprise Party
Mandy MousseSweet Treats
Max SaxophoneMusic
Paige PurseWedding Party
Patty CakeExclusive
Peppa Ronnie PizzaItalian Tour
Percy PcTech
Peta PlanterGarden
PoprockSweet Treats
Red Velvet CupcakeExclusive
Royal CupcakeBakery
Sprinkle Lee CakeSweet Treats
Sprinkle Lee CakeSweet Treats