Ashley Phelps

Ashley Phelps Shopkins Collection

Started tracking their Shopkins Collection online 10 months ago.

This collector has a total of 90 Shopkins,and helped add 31 Collector Notes .

Ashley Phelps Shopkins Collections consist of Shopkins from 5 Seasons,18 Teams,5 Finishes, and5 Rarities.

Shopkins By Team

Ashley Phelps's Shopkins Collections consist of 90 Shopkins from 5 Seasons,18 Teams,5 Finishes, and5 Rarities.

This collection has 84 unique shopkins and 6 duplicate shopkins.

Shopkin NameShopkin Team
Alpha SoupPantry
Apple BlossomCharms
April ApricotFruit and Veg
Bertha BathHomewares
Big ToppingExclusive
Bread CrumbsBakery
Brittney BrownieBakery
Cheeky CherriesFruit and Veg
Cheeky ChocolateCharms
Cheeky ChocolateExclusive
Cheezey BParty Food
Cool CubeFrozen Food
Creamy Bun-bunExclusive
Creamy Cookie CupcakeBakery
Cupcake ChicCharms
Cupcake ChicCharms
Daisy DonutExclusive
Dennis BatSport
Dum Mee MeeCharms
Earring TwinsPetkins
FishtixFrozen Food
Gran JamPantry
Hillary Harpx2Music
Hillary HarpMusic
Hot Choccox2Cupcake
Ice Cream DreamFrozen Food
Jane FrameHomewares
Jiggly JellySweet Treats
June BalloonParty Time
Katie SkateboardSport
Kris P LettuceFruit and Veg
Kris P LettuceExclusive
Little SipperExclusive
Lolli PoppinsExclusive
Loni LoaferExclusive
Lynn LampHomewares
Mabel SyrupPetkins
Mandy MousseSweet Treats
Mandy MousseSweet Treats
Max SaxophoneMusic
Mike RophoneMusic
Mike RophoneMusic
Milly MushroomFruit and Veg
Mini MuffinBakery
Miss Mushy-mooExclusive
Miss PressyParty Time
Nutty ButterExclusive
Pancake JakeSweet Treats
Pheobe ForkGarden
Polly Polishx2Charms
Popsi CoolFrozen Food
Rainbow BiteParty Food
Roasty SlipperExclusive
Rockin' ChocSweet Treats
Royal CupcakeBakery
Sasha BeltAccessories
ScrubsHealth & Beauty
Sharon ShoeAccessories
Snow CrushFrozen Food
Spilt MilkCharms
Sprinkle Lee Cakex2Sweet Treats
Sprinkle Lee CakeSweet Treats
Strawberry Kissx2Charms
Strawberry KissFruit and Veg
Swiss MissDairy
Tammy TambourineMusic
Tasty ToastSweet Treats
Tasty ToastSweet Treats
Tiny TissuesHomewares
Toasty Slipperx2Exclusive
Walter Watering CanGarden
Winnie Window BoxGarden
Woody Garden ChairGarden
Wooly HatAccessories
Yo-chiFrozen Food