Harley Headphones

Harley Headphones
Disco Party Shopkins Team
Shopkins Product ID:#7-109
Shopkins Season:Season 7
Shopkins Finish:Neon Nights
Shopkins Rarity:Special Edition


Collectors Own


Collector Notes

Harley Headphones is a Season 7 Shopkins that is part of the Disco Party Shopkins Team. This Shopkin was introduced in February of 2017 with a Neon Nights Finish. Harley Headphones has no variations making this a one of a kind Shopkin!!! listed on the Disco Party Team Collectors Checklist

  Shopkin Rarity:

Special Edition

Available in Products Labeled:
Shopkins Season 7
2 Pack
Shopkins Season 7
5 Pack
Shopkins Season 7
12 Pack

Harley Headphones Variations

No Variations Found!

Harley Headphones

is ONE of a KIND!!!

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