NEW Shopkins Season 5 Bundle: 12 pack and 5 pack

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 Shopkins Season 5 (1) 12 Pack Includes: 12 Shopkins, 2 Shopkins Charms, 2 Petkins Backpacks, 1 Collectors Guide  Shopkins Season 5 (1) 5 Pack Includes: 5 Shopkins, 1 Shopkins Charm, 1 Bracelet, 1 Petkin Backpack with String, 1 Collectors Guide  Over 140 Shopkins / Petkins and 36 Charms to collect meaning almost endless treasure hunt for the cool rare toys  This bundle comes with varying styles and fresh colorful mini figures (it may differ from what's pictured)  Small and portable mini figure toys easy to carry around for party fun almost anywhere even during travel 

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Last Updated: June 10, 2018, 3:00 am

Shopkin.Toys offers this listing, a free guide to parents of Shopkin loving children, as an easy way to identify your child's favorite shopkin character. The Shopkins Brand is owned by Moose Toys, an Australian-owned toy design, development and distribution company founded in 1985 by Brian Hamersfeld. This site has no official affiliation with Shopkins, Moose Toys or Brian Hamersfeld, but we do love his toys, and would love to hear from him! Parents are free to print this page and take it to their local retailer as a helpful reference guide assisting children get their favorite Shopkins. Enjoy, because todays kids are crazy about Shopkins Toys!

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