Michelle Bourassa

Michelle Bourassa Shopkins Collection

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This collector has a total of 54 Shopkins, and helped add 4 Collector Notes .

Michelle Bourassa Shopkins Collections consist of Shopkins from 9 Seasons, 17 Teams, 6 Finishes, and 5 Rarities.

Shopkins By Team

Michelle Bourassa's Shopkins Collections consist of 54 Shopkins from 9 Seasons, 17 Teams, 6 Finishes, and 5 Rarities.

This collection has 47 unique shopkins and 7 duplicate shopkins.

Shopkin Name Shopkin Team
Apple Blossom Fruit and Veg
April Apricot Fruit and Veg
Buncho Bananas Breakfast
Cafe Cruz Brazilian Break
Cheeky Cherries x3 Fruit and Veg
Cinnamon Sally Bakery
Curly Fries Exclusive
D'lish Donut Bakery
D'lish Donut Charms
Daniella Dress Spanish Stopover
Eggchic Petkins
Flicker Candle Petkins
Ghurty Dairy
Harley Headphones Disco Party
Herb L. Teabag x2 Breakfast
Hug 'n' Snug Mittens Canadian Cuties
Jules x2 Accessories
Kooky Cookie Charms
Lil' Globe Bag Charms
Lil'smores American Vacay
Lil'smores American Vacay
Madeline Muffin Breakfast
Margarina Exclusive
Mary-kin Cap American Vacay
Melonie Pips Fruit and Veg
Mia Mirror Ball Disco Party
Mini Muffin Bakery
Miss Mushy-moo Fruit and Veg
Pineapple Crush Fruit and Veg
Rocky Hockey Stick Canadian Cuties
Rolla'kate American Vacay
Royal Cupcake Bakery
Runny Honey x3 Breakfast
Sasha Belt Accessories
Senorita Shoe Spanish Stopover
Silly Chilli Fruit and Veg
Spilt Milk Cleaning & Laundry
Spilt Milk Dairy
Spilt Milk Dairy
Sponge Cake Exclusive
Strawberry Kiss Charms
Sweet Snacks American Vacay
Ting Teapot Chinese Travelers
Toucanna Bag x2 Brazilian Break
V. Nilla Tubs Breakfast
Wild Carrot Fruit and Veg
Witchy Hat Fancy Dress Party